LOW-tech Hacking

We are often lead to believe that hacking requires vast understanding in technology. This can be misleading. Some hacks are very low-tech, in a sense.

In information security, social engineering is a type of CON that is used to manipulate people into providing sensitive information or even granting access to restricted areas. Many times this is done through non-technical means. 

Let us take a look at some examples of low-tech hacking, some may fall under the umbrella of social engineering, while others may not.

Shoulder Surfing.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone might be looking over your shoulders? Maybe it’s not all in your head. Shoulder surfing is an effective way to steal private information from those who are not being conscious of their surroundings. It has even evolved into implementing hidden cameras. So the next time your are at an ATM or displaying sensitive information in public, be mindful, someone may be looking over your shoulders.  

Dumpster Diving.

The CSI agent is going through the dumpster — a common scene from every episode, of every crime drama, on television. But, there is a practical reason for going through someone’s trash. That reason is information. Dumpster diving in not only being practiced by authorities when trying to solve a crime, it is used by criminals when attempting to steal your information. This is a type of social engineering. So, be mindful of what you throw into the garbage — always shred documents that contain private information.      


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