Backups are not only done at the enterprise level, they are also done at the personal level. We have been told that data is everything in IT. But in the pass few years, it has also become important to the average consumer. 

People do not wish to loose their gigs and gigs of data (pictures, music, and movies), because of a damaged device. So what are the choices for the average user when it comes to backing up their data?

Today there are many ways to backup your data, some can be complex, like building your own NAS, and others can be simple, like using an external hard drive.

Please do not go for building your own NAS, unless your are currently learning or already know how to building NAS devices.

As for using an external hard drive, it is fair choice, and probably the least expensive. But it will require you to do most of the work.

Apple’s Icloud and Google’s Google drive are backup services that require little maintenance, but are subscription based. It requires a working internet connection to backup the data. So if you are fine with paying a monthly fee, and have no problems with your data being stored in the cloud, then these services might be a good choice for you.

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